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Autumn art and celebrating World Philosophy Day at Lulworth House Residential Care Home

Autumn art and crafts

Our residents at Lulworth House Residential Care Home had fun creating fun patchwork acorn pictures recently, using a selection of brightly coloured tissue paper and crayons.

Their finished pieces looked fantastic and will definitely brighten up these rainy days!

Feeling philosophical…

To celebrate World Philosophy Day on Thursday 17 November, our ladies and gents were inspired by famous philosophical quotes, including:

‘The greatest wealth is to live content with little’ (Plato)

‘One cannot step twice in the same river, as it’s not the same river and it’s not the same man’ (Heraclitus)

Each of our residents picked a quote that resonated with them and wrote it down on a piece of paper, adding their personal comments. We shared them with the rest of the room, where everyone enjoyed engaging in some wonderful conversations.