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Baby ballet class and Helping Hands at Lulworth House Residential Care Home

Baby ballet

Our Saturday was filled with lots of little ballerinas at Lulworth House Residential Care Home, as we welcomed a local baby ballet group in to perform for our residents.

The group performed four songs and showed us all of their best moves.

We all loved admiring their tutus and were so impressed with how they had the confidence to perform in front of everyone. Our ladies enjoyed saying hello to all the girls and our lovely Joan gave out sweets at the end. What a lovely visit!

Helping Hands

Our Nourishment and Social Wellness Coordinator Katja was delighted to get lots of assistance from her main ‘Helping Hands’ resident last week, Sylvia, who helped wipe down the tables after breakfast and twice helped fold aprons.

Katja has a number of residents who like to get involved with domestic activities; Sylvia likes folding and cleaning, Dot likes to lay the tables, Rosemary likes washing up and Barbara will collect items from the lounges and give them to our Carers to put on the trolley. Residents also offer to help with pairing socks, hoovering and sweeping, as well as organising shelves and dusting, which we are always very grateful for.

Katja comments; “Our ladies in particular like to help out and feel useful – they often get comfort from participating in tasks they would be doing in their everyday lives at home.”


Helping Hands at Lulworth House Residential Care Home

Resident laying the table at Lulworth House Residential Care Home