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Lulworth House Residential Care Home welcomes fluffy friends

We’ve had some little fluffy visitors from the ‘Living Eggs’ programme here at Lulworth House Residential Care Home.

We have watched patiently as some of the eggs cracked and their little beaks peered out and eventually hatched into little chicks. Our residents can’t believe how much they’ve grown in such a short space of time and have been keeping their eyes on them over the past week to make sure they are healthy.

The chicks have been getting increasingly brave by walking around and trying to fly. Valerie’s favourite is the one we call ‘parrot chicken’ because it always makes its way to someone’s shoulder!

It’s been lovely having some little chicks for the residents to look after and swoon over!

Our Nourishment and Social Wellness Coordinator Katja brought in her two daughters to meet the chicks and they both fell in love with them. Her eldest daughter Edith liked having them stand on her, whilst Astrid loved it when they snuggled up for cuddles! The chicks brought back some happy childhood memories for Katja herself:

“I loved having the chicks here! My uncle was a chicken show judge and avid poultry keeper throughout my childhood. Some of my fondest memories of visiting them is getting chick and duckling cuddles!”


Lulworth House Residential Care Home welcomes baby chicks

Baby chicks at Lulworth House Residential Care Home