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Making Mother’s Day special at Lulworth House Residential Care Home

Families all over the country celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday, on Sunday 31 March. The Recreation and Well-being team here at Lulworth House Residential Care Home made extra efforts to ensure that our residents had a wonderful day.

Group poetry

On Saturday 30 March, residents and staff wrote beautiful poems together, after first reminiscing on Mother’s Day memories. We began by writing down a list of specific memories that we wanted to include in our poem and then using the alphabet at the top of the page, we thought of words to rhyme with our special thoughts.

Our residents are always enthusiastic with their own ideas and they have lots of fun together.

A church visit

In the morning on Sunday 31 March, our residents enjoyed a heart warming moment when the children at our local church gave them a red rose at the end of the service. What a wonderfully friendly way to start such a special day of celebration.

Thinking of others

Mother’s Day is a time to think of others, and a time to be thankful to our loved ones. Many of our residents wrote a lovely ‘Message from the Heart’ and hung it on our Mother’s Day tree. As you can see from our photos below, it really brought a smile to their faces!