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Fruity flapjacks and helping hands Lulworth House Residential Care Home

Our resident Mai helped our Nourishment and Social Wellness Coordinator Katja make some extra fruity flapjacks during our Baking Club on Monday 6 February here at Lulworth House Residential Care Home.

They were packed full of currants, raisins and apricots and Mai and Katja discussed with others their love for dried fruits – all agreeing that a handful on the tea trolley as a choice would be a great addition!

We have also had a lot of requests from our residents to help in our dining room. Some of our ladies have enjoyed helping to put the cutlery around the tables for meals, Bob has helped put the table cloths down and Sylvia helped to clean the dining room after breakfast.

We are always so grateful for such kind helping hands!


Helping hands Lulworth House Residential Care Home