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Enjoying the weather and keeping cool at Lulworth House Residential Care Home

During this past week, our Lulworth House Residential Care Home residents have been keeping cool during the warmest days of the year. 

After talking about our oceans during World Oceans Day, we have decorated our Home with refreshing pictures and our arts and crafts – just looking at them transports you to a different place!

To cope with the heat, some of our ladies kindly decided to prepare some origami paper fans, decorated with stickers to distribute to everyone. With the fans at hand, some residents performed dances and moves, having fun experimenting different ways to use them. Everyone was very grateful for them, as one resident said “The breeze is so nice and fresh!”

During the afternoons, when our garden is under a pleasant shade, our residents have been enjoying sensory activities with water beads outside, while others took a moment to savour our herb garden and spotted the strawberries growing in our wild flower bed – fragrant and delicious treats were harvested for everyone to have. We love the summer! 

Church service

After a very long time, we were delighted to have our friends from Allington Baptist Church back to Lulworth House for a week day service.

Our ladies and gents gathered to enjoy music and share precious moments of spirituality.

The best way to start a day is surrounded by beautiful, kind people.


Lulworth House Residential Care Home residents keeping cool with paper fans and enjoying the garden

Keeping cool with paper fans and enjoying the garden