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Lulworth House Residential Care Home residents celebrate Cowboy Day

On Monday 24 July we celebrated Cowboy Day at Lulworth House Residential Care Home with a number of themed activities.

We began the day by putting on our cowboy hats and replacing our morning chair yoga with some seated line dancing. This was a big hit with our residents; they enjoyed it very much and it was obvious that we had some natural line dancers in our Home!

After tea, we made some cowboy treats. We made some cowboy hats from chocolate dipped Pringles, peanut butter cups and strawberry laces, finished off with a little star on the front. These were brilliant and everybody really enjoyed making them (almost as much as they loved eating them!).

In the afternoon we finished the day off with cowboy arts and crafts. We personalised cowboy hats with beads, gems and feathers as we listened to some classic country songs.

It was a lovely day and we can’t wait to host more themed days like this!